Begur, Costa Brava



We will find the property that best suits each buyer. We will search and select from the offers of individuals, agents and other channels of the real estate market.


Obtaining the best price requires an exhaustive knowledge of the market. We will accompany you to make the best purchase possible.


At LASO Personal Real Estate, your interests are our interests. We will work to guarantee quality, agility, security and trust in all phases of the purchasing process.


From the beginning through to the registration in the property registry, we will verify the legal and urban situation of the property, and we will take care of the drafting of all the necessary documents.

Financial know-how

If you need it, we will also accompany you in the mortgage management process. More than 21 years of professional experience in the financial sector support us, both with national and non-resident clients from oversees.

Interior design and refurbishments

Architects and interior designers we trust will look after translating your ideas onto paper and will help you transform your dreams into reality. They will offer you personalised advice that will make your project unique.

Real Estate 360º

We put new technologies at your service so that you save time in the search and you have all the details without having to move from the comfort of your sofa.

The future is here!
Virtual reality, 3D tours, videos and photos from a drone ...!
Visit your future home with a video call.

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How we work


First, your budget

The first thing we will do is discuss the budget you have available for your purchase.


Do you need mortgage financing?

We will carry out an economic-financial study of the operation to be able to advise you in the best way and, if necessary, manage all the application and formalization procedures for the mortgage, dealing directly with the bank.


What does our area offer you?

From there, we will discuss which areas may be interesting for you, the size of the house and its characteristics, or the ideal land where to build your new home.


We will visit the Costa Brava and the Empordà (in person, or virtually!)

We will show you the region and you will be able to know in depth the different towns so that you can decide what you want and where you want it.


We will define your ideal home

After analysing the market, we will be clear about the type of product you are looking for and your requirements: if you want a piece of land, a house to reform or ready to move into, if your style is modernist, rational, art-deco ..., if you want to have a swimming pool, or if you prefer your house or land to overlook the sea.


Our selection for you

Based on these criteria, we will choose the real estate products that best fit and we will discuss them with you.


Real-time visits

We will carry out the visits for you, and we can connect via a video call so you can see every detail. We will send you photos, videos or, if you prefer, how about a virtual reality tour?


We will make the reservation

When you have chosen your ideal house or land, we will request the appraisal and the rest of the necessary documentation. If everything is correct, we will make the reservation.


We will accompany you until the day of signing...

From here, we will help you with all the procedures (deposit, documentation, paperwork, mortgage ...) until the day of the signature before a notary.


And beyond!

We will be available and ready to help you even when you have already made the purchase.